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"I don't have a choice, baby..."

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Mini Swan Queen AU’s (3/?)

You’re the Queen, aren’t you?"  Asked a quiet, curious voice from the dark dungeon cell beside Regina’s.  The brunette’s heart stalled within her chest as she quickly turned her focus in the direction the question had come from

 ”Who’s there?"  Regina demanded, her teeth biting furiously at the inside of her cheek, begging that her fate would not grow any more weary.  She, the Queen, had already been sentenced to death, and so she certainly didn’t need added conflict from a past enemy or a scorned victim.  But, Regina’s nerves slowly calmed as she noticed a small blonde crawl towards the bars that separated them.  The blonde smiled tiredly as she pulled herself up and stared at Regina.  

I’ve been watching you for the past few days, you haven’t spoken, or slept."  The blonde paused then, as she began digging within the pockets of her cloak, searching for something.  Regina stared at the young woman, calculating her every move in case a threat were to arise.  

Here," the blonde started, pulling the found object from her cloak and holding it out to Regina, "you haven’t eaten either, I saved this for me…but you should have it."  Rolling her eyes, Regina made a face at the dusty biscuit the blonde was offering to her.  

Why on earth would you be offering me your food?"  The blonde seemed to weigh the question heavily before she shrugged and simply answered: "you’re powerless, and you’ve been through hell.  You may be the Evil Queen, but everyone needs to eat."  

Scoffing, Regina took a deep breath and turned away from the blonde.  She felt a disgusting sense of remorse well up inside her stomach as she heard the blonde’s words filter over and over again through her mind.  The kindness was making Regina sick, and she merely stared at the wall.  

Keep it, dear, I would never accept food from a dirty street rat.


Peter and Jenna + being adorable 

Nina Dobrev - Live from the set of Vampire Diaries (July 21, 2014)
Look for a new woman to also enter Alaric’s life, while his bond with Elena grows stronger than ever.

- Julie Plec (x)


I love you too.




First & Last | Tenth Doctor + The Powell Estate


Character Weeks

WEEK 5, DAY 4: Penny- Favourite Relationship